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Get Quality Extended Auto Warranties From Respected Companies You Can Trust, Offering You a Variety of Quality Used Car Warranties to Fit Your Needs and Your Budget - Including EASY PAYMENT PLANS!
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Get a Quality New or Used Car Extended Warranty From an Auto Warranty Company You Can Trust.

CONSUMER ALERT:  Car Dealers Will Mark-Up the Cost of an Extended Auto Warranty by as Much as $2,000 and More!

Welcome.  My name Tony Iorio.  As the the webmaster of www.InsiderCarSecrets.com I am constantly being asked by my web site visitors where they can get a good quality extended auto warranty from a company they can rely on; one that gives them top quality mechanical breakdown coverage at very affordable prices.

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During my 37 year career working in car dealerships I've spent 8 of those years as a Finance Manager. One of the jobs of a Finance Manager . . . besides seeing to it that you walk out with the HIGHEST PAYMENT POSSIBLE . . . is to sell extended auto warranties.

VERY FEW Used Car Warranties Out There Are Worth the Paper They are Written On!

I've had extensive contact over the years with extended auto warranty companies and their products, and I've seen some unbelievably shady stuff go on!

  • I've worked for auto dealers who failed to forward the money collected on extended warranty sales to the auto warranty company!

  • I've seen extended auto warranty claims refused on the slightest technicalities.

  • I've seen repair shops go for months waiting for payments from used car warranty companies.

  • I've seen used car warranty companies go out of business, leaving people hanging with worthless used car warranty contracts.

  • I have seen auto dealers mark-up the price on extended auto warranties MORE THAN $2,000! This is not the norm, but it still happens. A mark-up of $500 to $1,000 is very common. Save yourself that mark-up by NOT BUYING an extended auto warranty from an auto dealer. That's your money! Why throw it away?


Yet, in spite of these problems, I still believe an extended auto warranty is a good investment to make, providing you can find a first rate company that you can rely on, and one that offers Top Quality used car warranties at very affordable prices.

When you select a extended auto warranty provider, financial stability should be of utmost importance to you; after all, you will need them to be there down the road for you to pay your claims.

Why Should You Purchase an Extended Auto Warranty?

  • It Gives You Peace of Mind!

  • It Protects You Against the Rising Cost of Repairs!

  • It Allows Repairs To Be Made When You Need Them!

  • It Adds Resale Value to Your Vehicle!

What You Should Look For When Purchasing an Extended Auto Warranty!

  • True Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage - If the warranty lists the items that are covered, it is not a bumper - to - bumper warranty. A bumper to bumper extended auto warranty is exclusionary, meaning it will only list the components that are not covered. These will usually include cosmetic and maintenance type items.

  • Wear and Tear Protection - This means that you are covered for parts that wear out as well as those that fail outright. All covered parts in an extended auto warranty should include a "Wear and Tear" provision.

    Many warranties have Wear and Tear Exclusions, such as struts, piston rings, valves or other expensive components that wear out and will not be covered. Stay Away From These Plans!

  • Overheating - Look for a warranty that does not exclude damage due to overheating.

  • Roadside Assistance - You want an extended auto warranty that offers a free nationwide roadside assistance plan.

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A Good Extended Auto Warranty Should Include the Following:

  • Emergency Road Service
  • Vehicle Towing
  • Emergency Tire Service
  • Battery Assistance
  • Gasoline & Fluid Delivery
  • Emergency Lock-out Service
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Toll Free Number to Call
  • 24 Hours a Day/365 Days a Year Service

Here Are Some Additional Things to Look For in a Good Extended Auto Warranty:

  • Car Rental - If your vehicle has to stay overnight for a covered repair, you're going to need transportation!

  • Trip Interuption - If your vehicle become disabled some distance from your home, and the repair is covered under your warranty, you should receive reimbursement for lodging and meals.

  • Nationwide Coverage - You should be able to receive repairs at any repair facility in the US or Canada.

  • Choice OF Deductibles - $0, $50 and $100 deductible options should be available to you.

  • Renewals - A provision should be offered so that your warranty can be renewed for as long as you own your vehicle.

  • Transferable - You should have the ability to transfer your warranty when you sell your vehicle, which will increase your vehicle's resale value.

Ever wonder what that warranty window sticker is all about that car dealers put on used cars?
Click on the following link for an explanation: The Used Car Buyer's Guide!

Tips on How to Cancel an Extended Warranty

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